Blue Breeze Odor-Eliminating Sportswear Enhances Active Lifestyles, Blue Breeze Enhances Active Lifestyles -- Athletes, Dancers Benefit from Odor-Eliminating Sportswear

Athletes banish odors thanks to a fiber technology breakthrough. Socks, t-shirts, towels and headwear from Blue Breeze eliminate bodily odors--but are of gentle, natural cotton. A revolution for the active individual.

Elmsford, NY, January 29, 2009 --( Active sports and fitness programs involve lots of good, healthy perspiration, but odors are not welcome in most social situations. Applying chemicals to the skin can cause irritation and block natural pathways for the body’s cooling and cleansing systems. The quandary; “work out -- or smell clean?”

A brand-new odor-eliminating technology from Japan solves that dilemma. Blue Breeze t-shirts, socks, sportswear and towels let the active person work out without worry as the natural cotton fibers wick away sweat and neutralize elements that cause what is often termed “body odor.”

“Sweat is actually odorless,” explains Blue Breeze Arnold Yoshida, President of FMJ USA Corporation. “Bacteria on the skin react with sweat, creating sour or ammonia-type odorants. Blue Breeze neutralizes those substances, rendering the sweat odorless once more.”

Blue Breeze t-shirts, socks and headbands and caps keep expensive sports gear in tip-top condition by preventing odor formation. At the same time, skin stays healthier with the slightly acidic pH of Blue Breeze fibers—the optimum environment for human skin—preventing rashes, infections and even unattractive sock imprints on the legs.

Dancers love the freedom they have with Blue Breeze. “Feet are so important,” choreographer Lan Lee asserts. “For a dancer, being able to keep the feet warm, dry and comfortable can mean the difference between dancing your best or dancing in pain. Blue Breeze socks keep feet and dance shoes in top shape. And using the Blue Breeze sweat bands and towels lets the dancer stay fresh even during intense periods of training and performing.”

Blue Breeze caps help keep protective headgear odor-free. Football, baseball and hockey players, competitive equestrians, cyclists and motor sports enthusiasts spend long periods in hard helmets under grueling stressful conditions. Blue Breeze comfortable skullcaps keep sweat—and odors—away, letting the player focus on more important goals.

After hard physical exercise, Blue Breeze towels and washcloths are perfect for cleanup, but also keep locker and sports bags fresh-smelling. And to revive the fabric’s odor-eliminating power, just toss it into the washer and dryer, with a normal wash. It keeps working--virtually forever.

Blue Breeze products work naturally, reducing dependence on chemicals and cleansers that can harm the skin and respiratory system as well as the environment. Also, they free up busy professionals who can now grab a workout during the day and return to work smelling and feeling great.

Winter sports are even more enjoyable with Blue Breeze accessories. Ski boots, skates and even the high-fashion boots worn in and out of doors stay in pristine condition with Blue Breeze socks. And the headband and cap keeps ears and head warm on the slopes, even as they keep skin and hair odor-free.

Blue Breeze products are an investment in one’s health, allowing users to pursue fitness training in confidence, eliminating odors without any harsh chemicals. Feel great—and smell wonderful—secure in the knowledge that your active lifestyle doesn’t create pungent odors, and your sports equipment is just as fresh as you are.

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