Sohaja Publishing & Lecturing Company to Launch Video Magazine on

Almas Jamil Sami' will host a new Video Magazine called, "Sahmee Says..." The Video Magazine will be produced by his company, Sohaja Publishing & Lecturing Company, LLC.

San Antonio, TX, January 30, 2009 --( Sohaja Publishing & Lecturing Company is venturing into new areas as they launch their new Video Magazine show, Sahmee Says, to debut in late January 2009. “For the most part, I will interview interesting people who I believe have something important to say, whether the topic is politics, social conditions or spiritualism. On other shows, I will talk about whatever interests me at the time…but for sure, I will cover controversial issues of the day and in most cases, it won’t be mainstream perspectives,” Almas Jamil Sami’ stated.

About Sohaja Publishing & Lecturing Company, LLC
Sohaja Publishing & Lecturing Company, LLC offers Motivational and Inspirational Lectures targeted to Single Mothers, Family Groups, Educators and Corporate Teams. We also offer Diversity Workshops. Additionally, we produce Books, CD’s, MP3’s and a new Video Magazine, Sahmee Says. More information about the company can be found at or Contact: Kai 210-967-6722.

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