New Site Allows Bloggers to Exchange Guest Posts

Wellington, New Zealand, January 31, 2009 --( A new web site has started that allows bloggers to easily submit guest posts to other blogs. Users of the site,, can upload posts for other bloggers to view. If another blogger likes the post, they can claim it and place it on their own blog.

The service has benefits for both bloggers involved in the exchange. The writer of the post gets a free link back to their web site, which results in increased traffic. The blogger who claims the post gets new content for readers to view.

The site was developed by Simon Drain, a blogger from New Zealand. "The idea came to me one day when I couldn't think of a suitable topic for my latest blog post," Simon Drain explained. "I tried to find a web site that would let me obtain a guest post from another blogger. I was surprised to find that this sort of web site didn't exist." was designed to be easy to use while still offering bloggers some advanced features. The writer of the post can easily add hyperlinks, images, bold text and italics. Once the post has been claimed, it can be viewed with just the text of the post or with the appropriate HTML as well.

Further developments are already planned for the site, and will be released in the coming months. “While we will never charge users for submitting and claiming posts, one service that we are planning to introduce is a tipping service” said Simon Drain. “This will allow bloggers to give each other small amounts of money for either writing an excellent post or for putting the post on a good blog.”

"The site is targeted at people who have only been blogging for a short period of time,” according to Simon Drain. “Users of will still be building up a social network that allows them to swap posts directly with bloggers they know. I am confident that they will benefit from the site.” is a free service. Bloggers can register to use the site by visiting

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