Scott Hove, "The Entrepreneurial Pastor," Announces Three Key Lessons to Learn from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

Las Vegas, NV, June 28, 2006 --( Scott Hove, "The Entrepreneurial Pastor," from Las Vegas, NV says there are at least three key lessons to be learned from Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett following Buffett's decision to give away at least 85% of his wealth before he dies.

“Great wealth can create great good is the first lesson that we can learn from the world’s two richest people,” says Scott Hove, “The Entrepreneurial Pastor,” of Las Vegas, NV.

Hove made this statement on the day that Warren Buffett announced that he would begin giving away nearly 85% of his estimated $44 billion worth.  Buffet indicated that the lion’s share of his money will be given to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation citing that he wasn’t as good at giving money away as he was in making it.

“The second lesson we can learn is that it is perfectly OK to give to others beyond our immediate family. Buffett made it clear in his announcement that while his family certainly will not be wanting for anything he didn’t feel a need to give it all to them,” Hove added.  “Over the years I have seen many families fight for every penny of a possible inheritance meaning that many charities their parents supported never saw a penny. That’s too bad. If a church, hospital, college or other cause is important to you now, provide for them in your planning as well as your family.  This is a way to add great meaning and purpose to your own life and to your life’s work,” Hove said.

Scott Hove claims that many people struggle with success. “That’s where we can learn the third lesson: If you work hard at what you love and succeed, there is no reason to feel guilty about success. There was no indication of guilt in the eyes of Bill Gates, Melinda Gates or Warren Buffett. Many people may argue with their business decisions over the years but it’s difficult to argue with their charitable decisions today. The tremendous wealth these people have built over the years will now be given back to millions of people they will never know. What a tremendous thing!”

“As a pastor, I needed people in my church with money to do the things we felt we were to do. What if instead of making people feel guilty we can empower people to succeed?  Imagine the great things that could be accomplished for the benefit of all!  All of us can learn from the Gates’ example and that of Warren Buffett,” Hove concluded.

Hove is an author, speaker and entrepreneur as well as a former pastor.  The website for his upcoming book, “How To Make Money Without Feeling Like You’re Going To Hell,” is found at:  To interview him, call (702) 480-7590.

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