Scott Hove, Las Vegas Author and Speaker, Announces Upcoming Book

Scott Hove, a Las Vegas, NV (USA) based advisor, author and speaker announced the launch of a world-first diet book. - August 08, 2013

New Word Proposed to Honor the Former Planet Pluto

A Las Vegas based speaker and author has coined a new word to honor the former planet Pluto. - August 26, 2006

Scott Hove, "The Entrepreneurial Pastor," Announces Three Key Lessons to Learn from Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

Scott Hove, "The Entrepreneurial Pastor," from Las Vegas, NV says there are at least three key lessons to be learned from Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett following Buffett's decision to give away at least 85% of his wealth before he dies. “Great wealth can create great... - June 28, 2006

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