Pencilbrook LLC Announces the Waterwatch© Program

Pencilbrook LLC announces the Waterwatch© program is available to Texas municipal water suppliers. Water conservation analysis program meets customer information and education needs.

Austin, TX, February 02, 2009 --( Water suppliers required to inform customers about water conservation options and opportunities. Water supplier conservation plans to be submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality by May 1, 2009.

Conservation program developer, Pencilbrook LLC, announced the availability of the Waterwatch© program to provide residential customers with detailed analysis of home water uses. The software-based, program gives residents detailed information about indoors and outdoors water use. Waterwatch©, sponsored by local water suppliers, uses proprietary engineering algorithms to analyze water uses and identify opportunities to save water and money.

Municipal water suppliers, already concerned by drought conditions, now must tell state government how they plan to help customers conserve. Texas law, administered by the TCEQ, requires each municipal water supplier, with more than 3,300 customers, to file a conservation plan with the Commission by May 1, 2009. The plan must include a description of the program of continuing public education and information regarding water conservation by the water supplier. Water suppliers use Waterwatch© to meet these program requirements, and provide the supplier with water consumption data that is valuable for planning, budgeting and ratemaking. Customers benefit by receiving a detailed, conservation game plan that is contained in the Waterwatch customer report.

Pencilbrook has many year's experience assisting water and energy suppliers with conservation and resource efficiency programs. For more information please visit or contact Ron Northcutt at (800) 858-9332 - ext. 3

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