Layoff Survival Game & Resource to Help Job Seekers

West Dundee, IL, February 03, 2009 --( In response to increasing unemployment and unsettled job market throughout the world, a new site is released in providing a renewed effort to prepare, educate and face the layoff survival, Job search and Job Interviews.

Crootpad help it users to easily understand and dissect the complexities that can occur during the layoff with some fun in a relaxed environment. At Crootpad the users are simulated with different situations and question, then they are prompted to select the best answer to suite that situation.

"Crootpad is a website where people can go and learn about various issues and solutions regarding layoff, job search and career management by answering multiple choice questions," says Tom, founder of "There is no wrong answer however there is always a better solution that can help you in your situation, and that is our goal to show various options when you are faced with a situation"

The concept is pretty simple: You come to the site read the question or situation and select one of the best option. The site will review your selection and compare it to the best solution provided by experts.

Try it yourself at .

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