LawProspector Software Invigorates Litigation Sales at Law Firms and Litigation Support Firms

Industry-Changing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Product Released to Coincide with LegalTech NY

LawProspector Software Invigorates Litigation Sales at Law Firms and Litigation Support Firms
New York, NY, February 02, 2009 --( To coincide with the start of LegalTech NY, LawProspector announces the public release of its revolutionary LawProspector software. Built for litigation support sales teams and business development teams at major law firms, LawProspector offers an unprecedented view into the current and future litigation activities of tens of thousands of attorneys, hundreds of law firms, and thousands of corporations and their in-house legal departments.

Never before has there been such near-instantaneous access to critical data about the litigation marketplace. Litigation support sales professionals are using LawProspector to uncover sales leads in minutes that used to take hours, days and months of research. Law firm business development teams and competitive intelligence staff are using LawProspector to strategically evaluate lateral hires, to monitor existing client litigation activities and to measure the litigation activities of competing law firms and potential clients.

LawProspector changes the status quo by dramatically minimizing the need to conduct tedious and time-consuming docket research into individual cases. Instead, LawProspector subscribers are able to search tens of thousands of active cases with one simple search. Searches may be run by case, attorney, law firm, corporation, court, type of case, stage of case and many other factors or any combination of these factors. Any search may be saved as a report that can be rerun (with automatically updated data) or emailed to a team daily, weekly or monthly.

“LawProspector grew out of a litigation support sales team that I was running, and it changed the way that we ran our sales organization,” said Kenneth J. Lopez, Founder of LawProspector. “Since we could now time our calls to both in-house and outside litigation counsel so that they corresponded to a known need for our services, we saw our results grow by 400%.”

“I could not be more excited about this launch, because I know what it will mean for business development across the industry,” said Lopez. “I have done the research that our product replaces and know what a time saver and sales accelerator LawProspector is for law firms and litigation support firms alike. As someone who sought out any tool that could help provide key sales data only to come up empty-handed, I see LawProspector as nothing less than an industry-changing product. I so deeply believe this that we filed a patent for LawProspector last week.”

To enhance the user experience for current subscribers, LawProspector also announces a major new feature release. Immediately available to SuperUser subscribers are LawProspector Dashboards. These Dashboards offer snapshot views and trend analysis of the litigation industry, all updated in real-time. Through cleverly crafted charts and graphs, subscribers are able to quickly see courts that are currently busy, law firms with the most upcoming trials, corporations facing litigation imminently, patent litigation trends by court and other detailed views of the industry that offer a groundbreaking look into the litigation marketplace.

About LawProspector

LawProspector is a firm founded by a group of attorneys working in the litigation support field. The firm developed its LawProspector software-as-a-service (SaaS) product in early 2008 and immediately began signing up subscribers. LawProspector operated in private beta for a year and refined its tool with feedback from current subscribers. Current subscribers include top 100 law firms and litigation support firms with revenues ranging from one million to hundreds of millions of dollars. LawProspector expects its subscriber base to grow from hundreds in 2009 to thousands over the next few years. Subscribers pay a monthly subscription fee that is a fraction of the cost of a single researcher conducting similar research manually.

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