Sqeez tube drinx Launches Trendy Beverage: Tube Drinks

In January 2009 a new trend has started ... sqeez tube drinx ... and this is only the beginning.

Vienna, Austria, February 04, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Sqeez tube drinx, a division of Vienna-based CWC ADs&mORE GmbH, today announced the launch of a new brand of beverages. Looking at the myriads of products in the beverage market this alone probably might not be considered worth mentioning. But sqeez tube drinx decided to break new ground and go for a quite "different" approach: drinks in tubes, or sqeez tube drinx that is.

Managing director Arno Aumayr offers a glimpse of how it all started: "In all our business areas we are constantly looking for new and innovative ideas. Sqeez tube drinks fit in just perfectly. The tubes are a real eye-catcher and though we just started, we already receive inquiries from all over the world."

Sqeez tube drinx plans to build a strong market position on the domestic market in 2009. At the same time negotiations with importers for certain selected countries have already been initiated.

According to Arno Aumayr sqeez starts with two product lines, energy drinks - sqeez power - and cocktails - sqeez spirit.

And innovation is not limited to just the packaging. Besides the well-known energy flavor sqeez power also come as Apple Power and as Cherry Power, which is quite new for the European market in particular.

Those who are not scared by the unprecedented and who are open-minded are those who are most enthusiastic about sqeez. They not just follow the trends set by others but instead set trends themselves.

By the way, in addition the tubes are quite handy and convenient to put in your pocket. And they can be closed again.

Ultimately sqeez fans definitely should not be of the shy type, because if you are seen on a party drinking from a tube the focus of attention will be on you in a second. No one can elude the fascination of the new and different.

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