Announces the Release of a Trading Program That Will Allow Speculators to Trade Like Professionals and Rebound for 2009

This program was created for traders who are looking rebuild their portfolios given the volatile markets of 2008. was created by Jose Rubio by using his 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. Rubio is teaching other traders to think, plan and trade like a professional speculator.

Coral Gables, FL, February 09, 2009 --( His students have implemented the system and learned how to:

1. design a rebound strategy to recover sustained losses
2. how to stop losing 4 or 5 days of profits in 1 day or one trade
3. learn how to use a trade checklist to decide which trades to allow in, or reject
4. which candlestick patterns work best based on what is traded
5. how to decide where prices will continue or reverse
6. and much more.

The program works well for those who trade forex, stock, options, commodities or currencies.

About Jose Rubio
Jose Rubio is a retired broker and Active Hedge Fund Manager and began his career in the financial services industry began at the age of 21. At 42 he retired from his own Private Wealth Management Firm in Coral Gables, FL where he managed Pension Plans, Business, Retirement and Trust Assets, and Personal Portfolios.

In addition to the education Jose gained from years of independent research and study, he received professional training while serving investors with the largest financial planning firm in United States, a Bond Investment Banking Firm and a Major Securities Broker (one of the Big 5). "I didn't learn how to trade and manage money part-time, in my basement or spare bedroom-turned-office, or while working at my other job."

Although Rubio retired from the brokerage industry, he still actively manages, a Private Hedge Fund as a Registered Investment Adviser and personal assets. As a Wealth Manager, he specialized in 2 areas of Professional Speculation: Private Equity Investments for High Net Worth Investors and Portfolio Management. He worked exclusively with Accredited Investors and Qualified Eligible Participants.

A complete training arsenal that includes live and static examples. teaches more than just trading strategies and setups. Rubio is teaching what successful professional traders and money managers are doing to build and preserve portfolios, step-by-step, and how to apply those strategies. The system is suitable for forex, options, futures, CFDs and stocks markets. For more information call us or e-mail us.

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