Tabbed as Official Marketing Representative for New Cooler Concept

Miami, FL, February 04, 2009 --( George W., a Maryland-based inventor, has named Miami, Florida invention assistance leader to represent his Kooler Kaddy concept to industry in the hopes of securing a licensing agreement.

An innovative and highly effective new product sure to catch the eye of anyone who has struggled with lugging heavy coolers, the Kooler Kaddy’s unique design eliminates the common physical strain associated with the transporting of ice or food-filled coolers during outdoor events and activities.

The Kooler Kaddy will be simple to utilize, cost-effective to purchase, and will eliminate potential injuries resulting from the attempted lifting of heavy coolers. With such a collection of appealing characteristics, the Kooler Kaddy should have no trouble finding success through outlets and catalogs selling food and drink storage products.

The inventor initiated his business relationship with recently when he contacted them to explore the possibility of having the invention assistance company further research and document his invention, as well as facilitate the presentation of information and materials about it to potentially relevant manufacturers in industry, with the ultimate goal being to secure a licensing agreement. assists inventors by providing them with industry experts who will guide them from the earliest stages of invention development to the point where there are professionally produced promotional materials regarding the concept. New Product's New Product Publicity and Marketing Program is designed and targeted to provide maximum exposure, and therefore enables invention information to be seen by thousands of industry professionals.

Promotional materials typically employed by to achieve these objectives include press releases, product brochures, digital renditions, a password-protected website, and other visual mediums such as a New Product DVD and potentially, an interactive virtual reality presentation. will represent the Kooler Kaddy invention for 2 years utilizing the aforementioned vehicles of exposure, as well as garnering additional leads for the concept through the participation of their licensing affiliate, Licensing Direct™, in industry-leading trade shows. Any advanced levels of interest displayed by manufacturers, marketers or distributors in the Kooler Kaddy will be managed by Licensing Direct™, which serves as the exclusive licensing agent for inventor clients.

With’s ability to navigate inventors through the sometimes intimidating course to invention success, the inventor has an opportunity to be able to see the fruits of his creative labor as his concept moves on to the final stages of refinement and exposure.

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About is a Miami, Florida-based invention assistance firm that represents independent inventors who typically lack the resources and experience to pursue the commercialization of their product concepts on their own. utilizes dynamic promotional materials such as digital renditions, press releases, invention websites, and interactive virtual reality presentations, as well as representation at industry-leading trade shows, to achieve valuable exposure for the inventions it represents.

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