HAPPYneuron Announces New Visual, Audio and Comparative Feedback as Part of Its Latest Release

New HAPPYneuron features allow users to better visualize results, compare to peers and build balanced cognitive workouts.

Mountain View, CA, February 04, 2009 --(PR.com)-- HAPPYneuron, Inc. (www.happy-neuron.com), a leading provider of scientifically designed and validated online brain fitness programs, today announces new visual, audio and comparative feedback features that allow users to more accurately compare their cognitive function to peers of the same age, gender and education level, the three significant inputs to an individual’s expected cognitive reserve. Additionally, HAPPYneuron introduces a new performance index and improvements to the virtual Coach guide to provide more balanced cognitive cross-training programs and strengthen cognitive functions based on individual needs.

HAPPYneuron now provides a performance index, the HAPPYneuron Performance Index (HPI), that allows users to easily track their overall cognitive performance over time and to visualize how that performance ranks among their peers. With almost 18.5 million data points in the HAPPYneuron database, these comparisons are very accurate and become even more accurate with new members and data added each day.

The peer comparisons extend to each specific game, allowing members to see how their cognitive abilities compare to those of their peers on any specific game. The results and comparison information are presented in a more intuitive graphics format. Also, each game now also provides a visual depiction of how strongly each cognitive function is being stimulated during each exercise.

“Visualizing how your cognitive abilities compare with your peers is an important feature for improving cognitive strength and monitoring your brain health,” said Laura Fay, CEO of HAPPYneuron. “As a leader in cognitive cross-training programs, it is a natural next step to provide features that showcase the benefits and the accuracy of peer comparisons that get more accurate each day as users workout their brains. ”

The updated Coach feature provides balanced cognitive cross-training workouts that are easy to follow. These workouts can also be customized based on a person’s available time and workout desire. Additional features include audio and visual cues that provide stimulating feedback to the participant as they challenge themselves to improve their cognitive functions. This includes audio feedback on actions performed and on the announcement of correct or incorrect results.

Increasing scientific evidence shows that actively participating in appropriately designed brain cross-training workouts can slow the effects of aging on the brain throughout our lives. HAPPYneuron games were developed by a team of neurologists, cognitive psychologists and educational scientists to specifically target the five major cognitive brain functions of memory, attention, language, executive functions and visual/spatial skills and their many sub-functions. For more information on the science behind HAPPYneuron and to subscribe, visit www.happy-neuron.com.

About HAPPYneuron
A pioneer in cross-functional brain training solutions, HAPPYneuron offers a broad range of personalized brain training workouts in multi-media formats. Designed for people of any age, the programs minimize the natural effects of brain aging by maximizing the brain’s capacity to learn and its ability to adapt to new information. Program effectiveness is optimized through the availability of thousands of hours of fun and challenging brain games and guided and monitored by a virtual personal coach. HAPPYneuron is a majority owned subsidiary of Scientific Brain Training (NYSE Euronext: MLSBT). To learn more about HAPPYneuron, Inc. visit www.happy-neuron.com.

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