DryPro® by DryCorp Can Help Save Money for Individuals with an Ostomy

With the DryPro® Ostomy Protector individuals with an ostomy can keep their ostomy secure and dry when showering, bathing, and even taking an active swim. Reducing financial burden and irritation.

Wilmington, NC, February 12, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Individuals with an ostomy know the area around their stoma can get irritated when having to change their appliance numerous times. The DryPro® Ostomy Cover reduces the number of times the ostomy needs to be replaces as it safeguards the ostomy whether an individual is showering, bathing, taking an active swim, or participating in water exercises for recovery therapy. Not only does changing the ostomy often cause irritation it is also a hassle and a financial burden. The DryPro® Ostomy Protector is highly durable and reusable.

The DryPro® is the only ostomy protector with the watertight vacuum seal. It is made of durable high quality surgical latex and is guaranteed for a year. It can only come off when the wearer wants it to, thus giving peace of mind that the ostomy is protected.

With the economy the way it is these days, lowering unnecessary costs is very helpful. With the DryPro® Ostomy Protector one can do just that. The DryPro® keeps the ostomy protected so it does not have to be constantly changed, avoiding irritation and replacement costs.

For more information about the DryPro® Ostomy Protector visit the website: www.store.drycorp.com

Dry Corp manufactures and distributes waterproof body protection for casts, bandages, PICC line, prosthetic and Ostomy. Dry Pro works on a vacuum seal to keep the cast, bandage or Prosthesis completely dry while showering, bathing and even swimming.

The Dry Pro® is available online at www.store.DryCorp.com. The Dry Pro® is a product of Dry Corp, LLC, headquartered at 349 Military Cutoff Drive in Wilmington, NC.

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