Pen Boutique Takes Luxury Office Gifts to New Heights with Two Stores and Popular Website

Offering such fineries as thousand dollar pens, hard-to-find items, along with more affordable gifts, Pen Boutique marks 100,000 customers worldwide.

Ellicott City, MD, February 05, 2009 --( Just when you thought office supplies couldn't be made exciting, Pen Boutique enters the field offering dazzling displays of fine and exotic pens, desk accessories, and leather business items guaranteed to turn heads.

Pen Boutique Ltd, with two Maryland stores and a busy online website, has grown rapidly through little more than word-of-mouth. "You can't find all the items we offer any place else. One person will discover us, then tell their friends. That's why we have been able to serve more than 100,000 customers worldwide with almost no advertising," said Leena Shrestha, founder of Pen Boutique.

Browsing the online store's collection of pens reveals designer ball points and fountain pens along with limited edition collectible pens. These range from the affordable to the $34,000 top-of-the-line Omas Gaia pen that features shining gold and fine crystal.

Having a beautiful and inspirational pen sitting on one's desk has long been a favorite for business people worldwide. There was a time when handwriting a note was the only form of business communication. Today, the art of the handwritten note is taking on new significance. Those applying for jobs are far more likely to have their resume considered if a hand-written note accompanies it.

"These days when most people simply email, sending your customer a hand-written note can have an incredible impact. People notice and appreciate. A hand-written note can get the big job or the big sale," Leena said.

Pen Boutique also offers a full line of nearly 100 business and laptop cases. A prolifery of styles give options perfect for everyone from the hurried "road warrior" to the attorney carrying a brief over to the courthouse. "The vast selection is far beyond most customer's experience," Leena said. "Most are used to a choice of 3 to 5 items in a category where we offer dozens. Anyone can find exactly the right items to fit their needs and personal style," she said.

Pen Boutique has full-fledged physical stores in the Columbia Mall of Columbia, MD and in the Bethesda Mall of Bethesda, MD. Through these stores, Pen Boutique has one of the world's largest selection of pens and office items available for in-person inspection under one roof. "Customers love it when they can see this kind of quality and vast selection at their fingertips, where they can touch and inspect products not usually found in stores," Leena said.

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