Leading Consumer New Product Testing Firm Launches Single Phase, Comprehensive Test for New Product Introduction Elements

AcuPOLL® Precision Research, Inc. Announces New ‘Total Offer’ Service.

Cincinnati, OH, February 07, 2009 --(PR.com)-- AcuPOLL, the global brand building research agency has announced today a new service designed to test all critical elements of a new product launch. The ‘Total Offer’ test can examine the effectiveness of concept, product, packaging, advertising and promotion testing in a single phase. Traditional testing methods review launch components individually in separate phases.

The ‘Total Offer’ test screens product positioning, advertising mediums, packaging design and introductory promotions as they relate to a new product launch, and advises accordingly. These results are compared to a dynamic new product database and evaluated by marketing experts from different perspectives to help create business building recommendations.

“Traditional consumer product testing methods review elements of the launch process individually and out of context, and can overlook the effectiveness of the product launch as a whole,” AcuPOLL CEO Jack Gordon said. “The Total Offer’ approach tests aspects of a new product idea altogether, thus helping companies create a more cohesive brand identity.”

More information about AcuPOLL’s ‘Total Offer’ test is available at: http://www.acupoll.com/products/totaloffer.html.

AcuPOLL Precision Research assesses consumer product efficacy based on quantitative and qualitative insights to help its clients build better brands and develop stronger initiatives. Their counsel provides strategic and executional guidance designed to develop targeted consumer messaging.


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With world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, AcuPOLL Research, Inc., is a global brand building research agency that uses a patented system to provide companies with clear business recommendations based on a thorough analysis of customized data. AcuPOLL provides the fastest, most predictive, and most accurate research methodology available. For 18 years, AcuPOLL has quantitatively tested over 35,000 new product ideas and thousands of ads, packaging options and promotions, giving it strong comparative databases across marketing issues. AcuPOLL has predicted the success of new products, services, mail order catalog items, retail concepts, advertising, promotions, and business services as well as packaging. AcuPOLL is an internationally recognized company doing business in the United States, Asia, Europe, Mexico and South America. More information can be accessed at www.acupoll.com, or by calling 1.800.acupoll.

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