Climbs 18 Million in Ranking and Sells Flat Rate Banner Ads just launched their new website where writers submit fresh content and receive up to 50% of the revenue from Sponsors. Advertisers can buy a Banner Ad for the life of an article for less than one month of PPC. SayItAloud, is only a couple of weeks old and already has gone from 18,689,419 to a weekly average of 131,426 with a spiked high of being within the top 50k websites globally over the recent weekend.

Sacramento, CA, February 07, 2009 --( is a new article based website in which writers are directly teamed up with advertisers known as sponsors. Sponsors can come to the site and purchase one of three banners on the article and that banner is there for the minimum of one year from the date the Sponsor supports that ad.

Writers range from talented high school students to award winning authors. The site has well over 400 categories and registration is 100% free. Writers appreciate the fact that they can actually make more money posting an article on the SayItAloud website than they can being published in many written publications.

The benefits for Sponsors is simply incredible. As the site is new and marketed by Joseph L. Zeleny, an award winning marketer from Sacramento; the rates are kept low with a top sponsorhip on an article only costing $55.00 for the entire life of the article. Sponsors also get an automatic text link at the bottom of the article. Many of the advertisers who are coming on board are doing so from paid performance campaigns as they pay less for the life of the article than they get in a sinlge month of their banner showing alone on the SIA website already.

Based on present numbers, by the end of 2009 the SayItAloud website will have some 73 million visitors, 2,000 writers, and will have paid writers out some 82 million dollars.

In this ever tightening economy it is expected that other websites will also shift over to more flat rate banner ad based advertising as business owners tighten their marketing budgets.

If you would like to get in contact with SIA you can do so by calling 916-361-0792 or emailing them at for sponsors, and for writers.

Joseph Zeleny