Picks Up Where College Gossip Site Leaves Off

The popular and highly controversial college gossip website,, unexpectedly shut down yesterday leaving a void on the Internet for the millions of users that frequented the site monthly. provides a platform for online anonymous free speech on college and university campuses nationwide. Students using, will be able to post and view videos and pictures in addition to plain text entries.

Las Vegas, NV, February 06, 2009 --( In the wake of the popular and controversial college gossip website Juicy Campus’ sudden demise, launches a new website today that promises to be juicier, naughtier and sexier – adding photos and videos to go along with words. will be a refuge for college students that want to hook-up with fellow classmates looking for a good time and the best places to find it while dishing the latest dirt anonymously. The site will remove many of the restrictions imposed by YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites.

The site intends to make students’ lives a lot more interesting by being the single source for what really is happening on and off-campus at over 500 colleges nationwide. The site’s new emphasis on romantic encounters is targeted for college students and alumni who like a good party when they see one. Along with the traditional anonymous gossip forums and comments, some of the new site’s features to be unveiled over the next few weeks include live video webcam chat, off-campus party locators, live video speed dating, chat rooms, personals to help find that special hook-up and a section for students to upload naughty pictures and video diaries of themselves.

Additionally, the site will include community and social networking features to keep students connected with each other at home, on campus and in the dorm whether on their computer or wireless devices and cell phones. Some of the more controversial features will be the ability for students to search, download and view videos from virtually every tube site and video sharing site on the Internet; posting of class exams-a true homework helper; and a ‘dumpster’ section to provide students with a public way to end relationships gone badly.

First and foremost the site will provide a platform for students to post anonymous gossip and get the lowdown about their schools, classmates, teachers and any other subject they want vented. The site will feature classifications for Best Pick Up Places, Best & Worst Bars, Hottest Cheerleaders, Best Bartenders, Best & Worst Food, Cheapest Dates, Easiest Teachers & Classes, Least Homework, Top Sororities, Best Frat Houses, Best Places For Music, Best Dance Clubs, Favorite Local Bands, Hot Movies, Best Off-Campus Events, Breaking News and others. is now live and can be visited at

Mike White