The PoemVidz Guide to Magical Valentines Memories for Less

Billions are spent every year on Valentines Day. It is as if people were trying to buy love. The most sincere gift derives from the heart. When people display their deepest emotions from the heart they create magical moments that transcend the test of time.

Hickory, NC, February 09, 2009 --( Will Curl, Editor and Senior Writer for has written a book entitled 'The Ultimate Guide For The Perfect Valentines Day.' He has included numerous well researched ideas that will certainly enhance and day of romance. is on an emotional journey of healing. They believe they can assist in healing the basic emotions of the world through poetry. They have included poetry in this book that will touch the heart. They want to help make the world a better place. They know how powerful the emotion of love is. They know what is happening with consumers on Valentines Day around the world.

Consumers spend billions of dollars each year on gifts for their loved ones every Valentine’s Day, all in an effort to find the perfect way to express their deepest sentiments and affections. For some, it appears that money is no object. Retail data on Valentine’s Day figures for Canada, for example, revealed that the average amount of spent for Valentine’s Day gifts was $92.30. Topping the list of gifts were cards, flowers, and chocolate, which seemed to be reliable Valentine’s Day staples among those surveyed.

In America, recent census data reflect a similar breakdown for common Valentine’s Day gifts. Hallmark reports that greeting cards, flowers, candy and “date night” were among the most common Valentine’s Day gifts/activities. Greeting cards alone pull in a huge market—180 million of them are bought each year for Valentine’s Day. American consumers also spent around an average $100 per person on Valentine’s Day gifts.

Some romantics, however, choose to think outside the “chocolate box” on Valentine’s Day, preferring to pass on the usual Valentine’s Day gifts and do something creative with their loved ones. This can be anything from special getaways and relaxing retreats to expressing their affection in poetry and verse. A wild range of options exist for those willing to plan something really special for their lovers, based on an understanding of their personality and temperament. Those willing to go this route will find fantastic gift ideas in the book, The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Day, available from poemvidz, and at a cost much less than they would expect to spend for the usual bevy of Valentine’s Day gifts.

Will Curl
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