Sagemont Gets Moving with Youth in Motion Program

Weston, FL, February 11, 2009 --( The Sagemont School is doing their part to get kids moving with their new Youth in Motion program. Starting with a blueprint from the International Youth Conditioning Association and adding her unique training style touch, master trainer at the Weston Sports Institute, Sally Spooner, came up with the Youth in Motion Program. The program entails games with integrated agility and balance drills, multidirectional movement and movement skill development through situations and games, as well as games with integrated callisthenic movement and strength technique. According to Spooner, “Youth in Motion is an opportunity for children of all abilities to enjoy learning how to move their bodies, increase athleticism, improve balance and leave each class with greater self-esteem.” The class offers children who are not in organized sports a way to use their body in an athletic way. For those children who participate in athletics, Youth in Motion gives them an opportunity to excel in agility and speed work which will help them in organized sports.

During each class, the children will be working with bands, cables, medicine balls, jump ropes, hurdles and agility ladders. Currently the class is being presented once a week to 4th and 5th graders at The Sagemont School. The program is taught by Ms. Spooner, who is also a certified youth conditioning trainer, along with physical education teacher Michael Crisona. Fifth grader, Carlota Raeschle said, “ The Youth in Motion program shows us how to exercise correctly. The coaches teach us about balance, focus, strength and creativity.” Fourth grader Karl Ackermann said, “We do squats and sit-ups and play games. The games will help us with sports like running and baseball hitting. Youth in Motion can give us an advantage to run faster and have more power.”

Besides being part of The Sagemont School curriculum, Youth in Motion is also one of many activities that are part of Sagemont’s Aftercare program. Beginning in January, the hour long class will be open to all children in the community. The cost for a 12 week session 2x/week is $440 and $ 1x/week is $240.

Sagemont is committed to helping students live a healthy lifestyle so that those healthy habits will carry over into their adulthood. With 32% of U.S. students being overweight or obese, Sagemont is doing their part to tackle the national child obesity problem head on.

Contact: Adam Ross/CEO Weston Sports Institute/954-389-2454 x386
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