Wind Haven Announces New Green Initiatives

Wind Haven Horse Rescue is partnering with NCS Power to test and develop cutting-edge, energy-efficient projects using clean technology.

Allyn, WA, February 12, 2009 --( Wind Haven Horse Rescue, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is partnering with the professional team at NCS power to implement exciting advancements in clean technology that benefit both individual lives and the environment worldwide. Both organizations are involved in research efforts using alternate energy technology such as LED's, solar, stationary, wind, and water power for the benefit of future generations. In 2009 Wind Haven will complete testing on their cutting-edge WISP, UPS, LED lighting and solar charging products. These exciting green technologies will eventually be adapted into commercial products.

Vertical Wind Turbine Test Site:

One of Wind Haven's newest projects, slated for installation in August 2009, is a vertical wind turbine site. A site is currently under construction to test wind turbines from five different manufacturers. To determine the most efficient ones, each wind turbine will be carefully monitored for noise levels, normal wear, and low wind velocity performance. Lithium phosphate storage batteries will be integrated with wireless monitoring devices to track energy production, with a special emphasis on low wind velocity energy production.

Wireless Internet Service:

Wireless internet service for local residences and two business sites is currently running off the Wind Haven WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) tower. Powered by solar and lithium rechargeable battery systems, the tower allows ranch staff to utilize 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz, and 900MHz networks throughout the facility to order supplies over the internet and monitor the premises. A two-year study utilizing lithium rechargeable battery Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) will be completed in June 2009. These systems will allow the deployment of robust fault tolerant WISP systems in remote areas where power is limited or uninterrupted power is absolutely necessary.

LED Street Lighting:

Standard lighting systems draw enormous amounts of power, so a designated 1/2-mile of road has been assigned for street lighting studies. Individually monitored lighting systems will be subject to extreme environmental conditions over a two-year study period. In March 2009, Wind Haven will install solar-powered arena lighting for a one year study to promote cost-effective lighting for remote applications. Like the other projects, the lighting system will utilize lithium phosphate storage cells along with a new solar extraction system. Wind Haven's new SmartSense™ technology will reduce the amount of energy used by LED's by sensing the amount of sunlight being absorbed and changing the state of the batteries to optimize LED operation during the evening.

Solar Charging:

When it comes to saving gas and fuel-based energy, Wind Haven utilizes alternate energy solutions. Four new charging stations will be installed for evaluation on Farm ATV's, HEV, E-Bikes, and plug-in vehicles. In February 2009 the E-Bike Charger will be deployed with the new SmartSense™ extraction technology to be tested on bikes on the miles of trails along the Toutle River. A second solar charging program will be deployed in February 2009 utilizing a lithium manganese battery system to power carbon heating elements that prevent the freezing of water troughs and bibs across the ranch.

Global contribution:

Wind Haven is also dedicated to increasing energy efficiency on a global scale. In May 2009 a self-contained, low-cost LED solar lighting system will be deployed with NiMH batteries. While these lights will be tested in outdoor sheds and utility buildings throughout the ranch, the lighting system will be targeted for development in Africa and India. All systems are developed to be as sustainable and green as possible, which make them ideal for deployment to developing nations.

For more information about Wind Haven and NCS Power's new technologies, please feel free to contact Lance Chandler at

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