New Online Gourmet Coffee and Tea Retailer Changes Tack

Changes in Marketing Strategy to Keep with Winds of Economic Change.

Leslie, MI, February 12, 2009 --( Leslie, Michigan based KamRo Imports & Distributing, LLC today announced a change in marketing strategy aimed at increasing market share while trimming its advertising budget. The company has replaced its TV advertising for its online retail outlet, with a two-tiered affiliate marketing program aimed to boost sales via word-of-mouth referrals.

Company CEO, N. Kamanga Mwangi said, “We have combined aggressive discounts as well as a very simple, free-to-join affiliate program that is aimed at putting outstanding, gourmet coffee in people’s hands at a time when consumers are saving money by not buying their daily latte from their favorite café. Instead they can invest in great coffee and high quality equipment to make their favorite beverage at home before leaving for the office.”

Describing the affiliate program, Mwangi continues saying, “The affiliate program is different from a multi-level marketing program in that we don’t represent it as a wealth earning enterprise with a complicated compensation system. Instead, we pay our affiliates 10% of an order [after discounts and before shipping and taxes] every time someone they refer makes a purchase. If they get others to join as affiliates under them, then they get a 5% override on the sales generated as a result of that person’s referred business. Then it begins all over again. This way, there is no “pyramid” that results and there is an equal opportunity for everyone to make a supplemental income.”

The announcement comes at a time when grocery retailers are seeing an increase in business as consumers opt to cook dinner at home rather than eat out. KI&D hopes to capitalize on the trend to boost sales and create jobs in its local area. The company hopes to move into a local warehouse facility soon from where it can perform order fulfillment of imported coffee and tea from Kenya. Their website can be found at

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