New Product Announcement: MediLockā„¢ Lock Kit Secures Medical Items Easily, Quickly and Inexpensively

Announcing a new product. The MediLock healthcare and safety security lock kit secures controlled substances and expensive items without drilling or installing costly internal locks. By attaching to pre-existing storage pieces, MediLock easily allows compliance with federal regulations and keeps medical items safe and secure.

Lakeville, MN, February 27, 2009 --( Before now, complying with a federal regulation* stating that all drugs and biologicals must be kept in a locked, secure area meant that medical facilities and safety personnel must purchase many expensive storage pieces with integral locks to accommodate staff needs.

Now, with this new product, the MediLock healthcare and safety security lock kit, securing controlled substances and expensive items is easy, inexpensive and no longer requires purchasing new storage pieces. Installing the MediLock kit is simple: the MediLock bases use 3M’s VHB (very high bond) adhesive to adhere to the side and door of a storage piece for a very strong, permanent bond. This means no expensive, destructive drilling which could damage internal parts of the storage piece. Just attach the included padlock to the cable loops on the two bases, and the storage piece is secure.

MediLock is perfect for securing access to medical coolers, refrigerators, freezers, cabinets and supply closets. It’s also a great solution for securing mobile medical carts in a dedicated location.

Also included in the MediLock kit is a “Secured Area” sticker to direct users to authorized personnel for access (per federal regulation*). Information can be written on the sticker with a permanent marker.

To accommodate a wide range of storage needs, two sizes of the MediLock kit are available. The MediLock kits’ colors are designed to blend with a variety of finishes: white, black, dark brown, silvertone and ivory. Also, bright safety red is offered for situations where the secured status of the storage piece must be obvious.

There are four padlock options, all quality locks from MasterLock®. These padlocks include: 1) standard keyed, 2) combination (three number), 3) 2-pack keyed-alike (in a set with two MediLock kits), and 4) ADA-friendly PushKey™ padlock which features extra-large key covers and No-Turn lock design for ease of use.

For more information about the MediLock healthcare and safety security lock kit, please contact Susan Rehl at Unimed-Midwest, Inc., or go to

MediLock kits are immediately available for purchase by resellers from Unimed-Midwest, Inc.

Unimed-Midwest, Inc. (UMI) is a woman-owned small business specializing in product fulfillment and services for healthcare and infection control products resellers. Located in Lakeville, Minnesota, UMI serves medical, dental, emergency and law enforcement, education, laboratory, veterinary and industrial markets. Unimed-Midwest’s distinctive services include custom repacking and private labeling for commodity healthcare products, while offering low minimum order quantities to its customers. UMI is also the exclusive master distributor for many unique specialty healthcare products.

* Federal Register regulation 42 482.25(b)(2)(i): “All drugs and biologicals must be kept in a secure area, and locked when appropriate. (ii) Drugs listed in Schedules II, III, IV, and V of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 must be kept locked within a secure area. (iii) Only authorized personnel may have access to locked areas.” – 11/27/06

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Susan Rehl