Valentine’s Day 101: Dr. Frank Maurio's "Dos" and "Dont's" on How to Celebrate the Holiday

New York, NY, February 12, 2009 --( Holidays put added stress on people and Valentine’s Day can be extra difficult. Some people put a lot of pressure on their partners to deliver more than just love.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Dr. Frank Maurio, well-known as "The Psychologist to the Celebrities" has some great advice on the “dos” and “don’ts” of celebrating the romantic holiday. Dr. Maurio is recognized nationally for his unique style of therapy, known as Inspirational Therapy. This Valentine’s Day, Dr. Maurio shares his advice which will inspire everyone to bring out their inner Cupid. And all of these ideas cost less than a dozen roses.

1. First – Don't put a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day. But – do put some thought into how to say I love you. Place a love note with three magical words and place it besides her/his bed and see the miraculous effects.
2. Take off from work and spend the day with your loved one.
3. This is a day when words are not enough. Some action is required to make
the day different. Decorate the house for the special occasion. Dim lights, romantic songs, candles, and a special outfit all set the mood. A homemade dinner shows that you really thought about the other person.
4. Instead of buying a card, make your own. Fill it with love quotes and mail it.
5. Prepare some Valentine’s cookies in the shape of a heart. Your partner will love it.

And don’t forget – Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to come once a year. Some simple ideas to keep Cupid in your hearts every day.
1. Hold each other’s hands and go for walks. Don’t take cell phones. Spend 20 minutes of uninterrupted time together.
2. Compliment your partner.
3. Thank your partner - often.
4. Take an extra minute when kissing good-bye.
5. Bring home small, unexpected gifts or presents. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a small gesture says “I’m thinking about you.”
No one wants to break up especially on Valentine’s Day. Yet – ironically, there are a lot of arguments on the day of love. Some simple reminders on what NOT to do:
1. Don’t bring up “where the relationship” is going. Don’t discuss commitment and marriage. Enjoy the day.
2. Don’t compare your relationship to friends and constantly bring up how other people got engaged.
3. Never go on a first date on Valentine’s Day. The expectation is too great.
4. Don’t talk on your cell phone or text people over dinner.
5. Don’t be a complainer. Don’t compare your partner to your last boy or girlfriend. And never talk about the details of your past sex life
If you want to propose anything on Valentine’s Day, tell your partner how special and important he/she is and that it is difficult to imagine your life without them.

Dr. Maurio has recently released a book titled The Strength Within, which explains the 7 steps of Inspirational Therapy. The book is available nationwide at Barnes and Noble and at

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