Ashworth College Encourages Retail Professionals to Hone Skills with New Retail Management Degree Program

Norcross, GA, February 13, 2009 --( Ashworth College, announced today the addition of Retail Management to its roster of Associate Degree programs.

The new course curriculum combines traditional business subjects with specialized retail courses and is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge needed to pursue retail management training opportunities or to advance within their current retail careers.

Ashworth developed this course in response to current occupational trends.

According to the US Department of Labor, the nation’s retail sector is reported to have more than 16 million jobs. In spite of the current economic climate, across all industries, that translates to a +12.4% increase within the next few years.

“The current economic climate makes this an idea time for retail professionals to start a degree program,” stated Dr. Milton Miller, Vice President of Education at Ashworth. “While the industry might have slowed down, professionals who have spent time cultivating their skills and pursuing specialized degrees have a better chance of protecting their current positions and will be sought after when the economy picks up again.”

Ashworth believes this program is an important addition to its catalog and a great investment for those pursuing a retail career. Though entry into retail tends to be easy, promotions are more likely to come to individuals with a college degree. In this context, an associate degree in retail management would provide a distinct advantage.

With a Retail Management associate degree, graduates can gain skills that are applicable across a variety of business types, according to Deepa Chadha, Degree Program Director at Ashworth. “And because our instructors are experienced, working professionals, students are able to benefit from practical insights.” Ashworth also plans to offer an undergraduate certificate program in retail management for students who are not looking to enroll in a degree program.

Ashworth’s Retail Management program is comprised of an introduction and twenty comprehensive lessons, each beginning with a subject matter preview and course objectives, and a vocabulary builder of new words and terms. Lessons include:
Introduction to Business
Business Communications I
Introduction to Retailing
Introduction to Computers
American Government
Principles of Management
Business Communications II
Principles of Retailing
College Mathematics
Retail Supply Chain Management
Retail Buying
Introduction to Accounting
Retail Employee Management
Introduction to Psychology
Retail Quality Management
Principles of Finance
Consumer Buying Behavior
Retail Loss Prevention
Principles of Marketing

Because Ashworth is a distance education institution, Retail Management students start the program at any time, study, complete practice exercises and take exams online. The program is extremely conducive to the retail professional’s work schedule.

“Like all of our Associate Degree courses, Retail Management is self paced,” commented Dr. Miller. “Many of our students work full-time jobs and have families. We wanted this to be as flexible as possible so that they can work it into their work and family schedules. And with rising gas prices it helps that they can complete the course at home and not have to travel to a classroom.”
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