New Book and Seminar Offer Unique Approach to Energy Conservation

EnergyBright of Laingsburg, Michigan has published a book entitled “Energy Savings For The Novice: Simple Ways to Build Family Wealth and Security.” A 50-90 minute seminar, based on the book, is being offered to families nationwide. The EnergyBright message focuses on benefits to the family, not just the environment. This wealth building program can benefit even those who know very little about energy.

Laingsburg, MI, February 14, 2009 --( EnergyBright, of Laingsburg, Michigan, announced the publication of a new book about energy conservation for the American family. The book entitled “Energy Savings For The Novice: Simple Ways to Build Family Wealth and Security,” is the centerpiece of a family and employer-based energy education program that will help to make America more sustainable.

A 50-90 minute seminar (plus a question and answer session), based on the book, has been designed for families to learn the simple ways to save energy at home, while building family wealth and security. EnergyBright will present seminars around the state by partnering with local conservation, religious, educational and community-based groups. Visit the EnergyBright website ( to learn more about the book and seminar.

EnergyBright will also offer energy conservation programs in the workplace for businesses interested in helping their employees to save money and make their lifestyles more sustainable. Thousands of companies around the country have come to recognize that helping their employees to save money and conserve energy makes for a happier and more stable workforce. Many progressive employers even offer bonuses and other incentives to their employees for conserving energy at home, in the office and during their commutes.

Energy conservation has traditionally been promoted as a way to protect the local environment and planet. The EnergyBright approach emphasizes the tremendous wealth building potential that saving energy has, and how reducing reliance on foreign oil will make America’s families more secure.

The mission of EnergyBright is “to make energy conservation a family value and move America towards energy independence.” Similar goals have been espoused by many American leaders, but without the American family energy independence is not attainable. EnergyBright was specifically established to reach the American family by communicating difficult technical information about energy in a format the layperson can understand.

EnergyBright is now scheduling “Energy Savings For The Novice” seminars and workplace programs nationwide. To schedule an appearance call or email EnergyBright at (517) 651-6007,

Editor’s note – Art of the book cover and synopsis of the book are available by contacting EnergyBright.

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Dennis Fijalkowski