Longest Serving ActionCOACH Franchisee is Now a Diamond Coach

Steve Leach is one of the three Business Coaches from the world’s leader in business coaching to have reached the Diamond Coach status - in the midst of the current recession.

Las Vegas, NV, February 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- When Steve Leach invested in an ActionCOACH franchise 10 years ago, he was not fully aware of the earning potential of business coaching. Today, he has been inducted along with two other coaches into the organization’s Diamond Level certification.

“Ten years ago, I would never have believed this level of billings was possible - particularly while maintaining a work-life balance,” he said.

The mere mention of the economic slump evokes a quick reaction.

“Ignore this recession talk. As a 'Coach' I'm also an 'Entrepreneurial Talent Scout,' so my target market consists largely of businesses, which have built a solid foundation and are doing well, rather than those that are 'starving' and need 'fixing'. It is the latter group that is most vulnerable to this so-called recession,” he said.

Leach likens the response evoked by the recession to the Y2K bug.

“It is nothing except collusion with paranoia,” he said. “When you focus on the negative - that's what you get. It’s the law of attraction.”

With a focus on profitability - not revenue, Leach has been able to strike a perfect life/work balance in his coaching career.

Leach also believes that in these tough times, business owners have two options.

“They can either reduce their spending and wait for this economic winter to pass – not knowing how long it will take for spring to arrive - or they can come out of their holes, get a coach to help them refocus on the 'opportunities' that develop with every change, and invest in new knowledge and growth,” he said. “This will mean they'll be ready to 'pick up the crumbs' as their competitors who didn't 'adapt' – hit rock bottom.”

Known within the community as the very first ActionCOACH franchisee, and thus far, the longest serving coach, Leach has won many accolades and awards, including, the Hall of Fame Inductee and the Inaugural 'Global Coaches Choice' award. He is also the first coach to have been inducted into the President's Club and is the Director of IBCF.

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching and executive coaching franchise, with more than 1,000 offices in 26 countries. To learn more, go to actioncoach.com.

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