Home Buyers and Sellers Benefiting from Free Technology

New sales tool allows home sellers to quench the “immediate gratification” expectation of today’s buyers - for free – by giving buyers the information they want, when they want it.

Royal Oak, MI, February 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- ForSaleByTxt.com has launched a new tool that uses SMS text messaging technology to aid both buyers and sellers of big ticket items such as houses, cars, boats, etc. While looking at an item in person, the potential buyer can text message to receive more information about the item directly to their phone. Information such as price, specs, contact info, and – for web enabled phones – additional photos can all be immediately accessed. In addition, the potential buyer can text back private comments about what they like/dislike about the item to jog their memory later online.

“Being in the market for a new home, “ said ForSaleByTxt.com creator Jennifer Slis “I was frustrated at how many homes I drove by that didn’t have any information available for the buyer. Many of them I didn’t take the time to call on, but would have if I had known they were close to my price range. I built this service as a way for sellers to track interest in their product while allowing buyers to educate themselves before committing to a phone conversation.”

For sellers wanting to list their items, they can simply go to ForSaleByTxt.com and create a free account to get started. They enter their item’s specs into the website and copy the resulting texting instructions onto the For Sale sign. Items can be listed for 30 days at a time and there is no charge regardless of how many items they list. All statistics (such as how many people texted for more information, anonymous comments about their item, etc) can be accessed by the seller and are shown in real time.

Buyers also use the service for free (standard carrier rates apply where applicable) by following texting instructions included on seller signs. In addition, the ForSaleByTxt.com website can be used as a place to organize their buying efforts. After creating a free account, buyers can sync their online account with their cell phone. This allows their account to group together listings they texted for more information on, view all of the private comments they made on those listings, and find new listings in their area.

To demo the service, text fsbtxt 25 to 368266 or log onto ForSaleByTxt.com to learn more.

Jennifer Slis