1StepSystem Associate Launches Team Site to Help Members

1StepSystem Associate Julius Covington, Sr. launched team site to promote and advertise members affiliate URLs. The concept is based on the idea of helping others succeed, which is the whole basis behind the 1StepSystem.

Clarksburg, WV, July 02, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Seeing the need to help his team members become more successful, Julius Covington, a Qualified Associate of The 1StepSystem, decided to launch a website that would promote the affiliate urls of his team members, thereby helping them become qualified and achieving their goals for financial independence.

"I didn't want to leave their success to chance.", Covington says. "The 1stepsystem is really a great program that does much of the work for you, but so many people don't know how to promote or what resources to use. That's why I decided to create a team site that would not only teach them what they needed to be successful, but would also help promote THEIR urls so they could get qualified and 'come out the gate running', becoming profitable quicker.", he added.

The 1StepSystem that Covington speaks of, is a program created by highly successful internet marketers Rod Stinson and Chris Koehl. It was designed to do most of the work that marketers normally do, and the one step is getting people to your affiliate site. The system will do the rest, and once qualified it will put $500 in your pocket for every person that joins thru you.

"The products are really awesome, and after being a member for a couple months now I still haven't finished them all. You can easily see that Rod and Chris have put a lot of thought behind this and are seriously committed to helping those who want to earn an income online.", he continues.

Covington is talking about The Ultimate Marketers Toolbox (the flagship product of the 1StepSystem), which has hundreds of hours of audio, video, pdf ebooks, etc., all dedicated to educating you on effective marketing for any business you choose.

"I'm no internet marketing guru, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have had success marketing several products, and when those in my downline started calling and emailing me for ways to promote, I decided to create a team site that would not only show them what is working for me, but to also help promote their affiliate urls so they could get qualified. Once they become QAs (Qualified Associates), I move their url to 3 other sites to continue helping them get sales.", Covington says.

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