New Flexible UHF Gen 2 Garment Tag Optimized for Garment Rental and Laundry Operations

SkyRFID announces their new low profile UHF Gen 2, flexible, 3 meters (10 feet) read distance garment tag specifically designed for insertion into garments for unique item control starting at manufacturing through the end disposition of the garment. This new tag uses a Higgs2 inlay with a custom copper wire antenna to achieve the small form factor and the excellent reading distance. This tag is engineered for multiple simultaneous tag reads when garments or flatware are packed close together.

Cambridge, MA, February 15, 2009 --( SkyRFID Inc. releases their new UHF Gen 2 flexible garment tag specifically designed for use in retail, garment rental and laundry operations to improve efficiencies and provide higher inventory accuracy. This is the second generation of flexible garment tag from SkyRFID and carries a number of enhancements over the first UHF Gen 2 flexible tag. The tag has been completely re-engineered and utilizes a solid copper wire antenna attached to an Alien Higgs2 Integrated Circuit, which is then encapsulated in a proprietary clear flexible housing. Designed to withstand all of the rigors of an industrial laundry facility, including washing, drying and ironing with pressure or steam this tag can handle up to 180°C for up to 1 hour without failing and be read at distances of up to 3 meters (10 feet) when dry. Sizing is a sleek 43 mm x 17 mm x 2 mm (1.69” x 0.66” x 0.07”) and very flexible. The tag has been stress tested 10,000 cycles with a compression of 230 N/mm2 (33,000 lbs/in2), and is fully waterproof to 15 meters (49 feet) with a 5 bar pressure (72 psi). Since the tag is flexible, it does not produce wear marks on the garment around its form factor as hard laundry tags do.

Virtually any company that provides garments, uniforms, flatware, towels, rags, furniture pads for rentals and cleaning can benefit from this no wear flexible UHF Gen 2 3 meter read range tag.

Other potentials for this tag are clean room clothing, hazardous wear clothing, safety equipment and protective wear to name a few.

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