MoneyTree Entrepreneurship Program Well Received by Institutions of Higher Learning

MoneyTree Entrepreneurship Program in Taylor's College and Open University Malaysia.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, February 16, 2009 --( MoneyTree recently concluded it’s unique and highly-interactive Entrepreneurship program for a class made up of 82 International and local students from Taylor’s Business School.

These 82 students from Taylor’s Business School were taken through realistic business simulations that were designed to groom aspiring Entrepreneurs. The MoneyTree Entrepreneurship program was conducted over a 10-week period consisting ten contact hours which started in October last year. This program is the first of its kind to be conducted in a prestigious college in Malaysia.

Taylor’s Business School undergraduate, Rafique, who went through the MoneyTree Entrepreneurship Program stated, “This program, unlike board game based Entrepreneurship programs, is very unique in the sense that there was little, or no element of Luck involved in determining whether you succeed or fail in the business simulation.”

Another student added, “It really had a lot to do with the decisions we made during the entire simulation. What I’ve witnessed was mind-boggling because although all the teams started with the same resources and money, towards the end of the simulation, they had vastly different results. Some teams were doing really well, many of the teams were struggling to stay afloat and some teams even went Bankrupt.”

Another Institution of Higher learning, Open University Malaysia (OUM), has also adopted the MoneyTree Entrepreneurship program for their corporate students. OUM is looking at utilizing the content of this program to train their students in Entrepreneurship which would be conducted in their School of Lifelong Learning.

Associate Professor, Dr. Selvaraj Oyyan, Deputy Director of the Institute of Professional Development, OUM said, “We feel that the MoneyTree Entrepreneurship program is a great program because it simulates the real world of Entrepreneurship. We are confident this program would prove useful for our students.”

About the MONEYTREE™ Programme:
The MONEYTREE™ Programme is a unique programme designed to educate and create financial savvy-ness in today’s young generation so as to prepare them for the financial challenges they will meet in their future.

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