Stone Creek Repair Sees Opportunity for Real Estate Sellers

Queen Creek, AZ, February 16, 2009 --( Stone Creek Repair and Maintenance, in business since 2003 recently relocated from Gilbert, Arizona to Queen Creek, Arizona and continues to provide repair and maintenance services on residential properties located in Phoenix and the East Valley suburbs.

Stone Creek Repair will prep your property for resale or short sale by making low cost improvements that will net you real results in the form of selling your property or getting a higher sale amount at close. Dave Schudi, owner and principal contractor of Stone Creek Repair and Maintenance says now is the time to make investments in low cost materials and labor that used to be difficult to find qualified licensed contractors to complete. The decrease in construction in the Phoenix Valley has significantly reduced the cost of labor and also made lower budget remodels more attractive to qualified contractors looking to keep their business afloat during these difficult economic times.

Low cost improvements including installing ceiling fans, applying a neutral color paint to the walls, ceilings and baseboards, adding low cost features like dishwashers, upgraded light fixtures, cabinet hardware, replacing worn carpet with neutral tile in high traffic areas and making the yard look maintenance free with desert landscaping features. A few well placed bucks can significantly improve your ability to turn a property in these difficult times.

For investors, now is a great time to get back into flipping. Foreclosure homes are at an all time low and the banks rarely want to invest money into improving them. Most homes require some, but little effort and investment to get them ready for a homeowner or renter. Most homeowners do not want to pay to improve properties, so improvements such as repairing sheet rock, replacing toilets damaged from water turn-off, a fresh coat of paint, tile and landscaping can make these homes more attractive to qualified home owners.

For low cost and high quality residential improvements, contact Dave Schudi at Stone Creek Repair and Maintenance for your free estimate.

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