is a Distinctive New Social Network

St. Louis, MO, February 19, 2009 --( is a new social network designed to appeal to families and young adults out in the real world. was developed by Connor McKinney, a junior at Johns Hopkins University. His main goal was to create a useful, social network that will appeal to college graduates, their parents, families, and potential employers. While FreshConnexions has all of the basic components of a social network it is also designed to act as a portal. McKinney has added a calendar that is to be used on a daily basis for everyday events and he has incorporated news and weather as a main focus.

The development of a family page will change not only social networks but also who uses them. The idea behind the Family page is so that users can have a personal profile with their friends while maintaining a family profile linked to other family members. McKinney's main goal in this was to link him to his parents in a social network setting while keeping his personal friends separate. By doing this, McKinney says that the user and any potential spouse can share family pictures, news and events with their parents and siblings while still maintaining a separate personal profile with their friends. All of this through one site and the click of one button.

It is McKinney's goal that meet the needs of responsible adults in their everyday lives. To sign up go to and follow the instructions.

Lisa McKinney