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TimeStream Software launches as an Application Store for the iPod Classic, iPod 5th Generation and iPod nano. Offers free downloads and solicits contributions to the catalog. What the App Store is to the iPhone, is to the iPod Classic and iPod nano.

Portland, OR, February 19, 2009 --( TimeStream Software, the leading developer of Notescast® titles, announces the launching of, a new Application Store for the iPod Classic, iPod 5th Generation and iPod nano. is a digital download store which allows anyone to develop and post their own Notescasts or download a Notescast from a growing selection of free and inexpensive titles.

“What the App Store is to the iPhone, the new is to the iPod Classic and nano.”, said Mike Westby of TimeStream Software. “We’re excited about all the different Notescast titles users will be submitting to the site, as the title possibilities are nearly limitless. The more titles users submit, the more has to offer.”

Notescast titles available through install to the iPod “Notes” feature found on nearly every iPod Classic, iPod 5th Generation and iPod nano in use today. Each Notescast is a interactive multimedia presentation consisting of a hierarchical directory of interactive text embedded with links to related multimedia content, which can consist of photos, video, audio or related text.

“Notescast titles are developed for individual users, such as our Disney Notescasts, as well as corporate accounts using them to extend their web site content, mobile marketing and brand interaction efforts to the iPod. The free Sheraton Maui Notescast is an excellent example of the latter.”, said Mr. Westby. is soliciting Notescasts to build its title base prior to its upcoming official launch, and to help developers create these titles, it offers a wealth of development information on its web site, including a free 21-page guide titled, “How to Write a Notescast”. While Notescasts can be robust multimedia presentations on the iPod, no programming experience is necessary, which is why is sometimes referred to as “The App Store for the rest of us.”

Users can visit to download Notescasts to their iPods, or to submit their own Notescasts for approval to the web site.

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About TimeStream Software And Notescast Titles

From individual Notescast titles for Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to a complete Notescast guide to the Sheraton Maui Resort in Hawaii, TimeStream Software is the leader in the development of Notescast titles for the iPod and iPhone.

Additional Notescast titles include the newly updated 2009 Walt Disney World Resort Notescast, Walt Disney World Secrets Notescast, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys Notescast and more.

Learn more about Notescasts at or

Media, Podcasters and Bloggers: Contact TimeStream Software for graphics and a sample Notescast title to install and review on your own iPod.


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