New Multimedia Advertising Carriers

Russian advertising group ARTIUM announced the launch of a network of new multimedia robotic advertising carriers EMBOX based on LCD-monitors technology.

Moscow, Russia, July 05, 2006 --( Russian advertising group ARTIUM announced the launch of a network of new multimedia robotic advertising carriers EMBOX based on LCD-monitors technology.

EMBOX technology represents a minicomputer with 19/21/30/52” (or bigger size) LCD-monitor, GPRS-modem, Wi-Fi card, RFID chip, video camera and various sensors combined in a single body.

Advertising content uploading and shows control are conducted via GSM-channels of cellular operators. EMBOX technology opens new perspectives both for local and global advertising campaigns with the option of specific consumer targeting. The installation of EMBOX system is time-saving and does not require local network construction. All EMBOXes are independent devices with low energy consumption. EMBOX system operation does not require any extra efforts from the sales staff of a store. All devices a controlled remotely by a single Control Centre.

High resolution monitors of EMBOX enable advertisers to transmit not only static (.*jpeg) pictures but also animated advertising shows (for example, .*gif format). High-quality image combined with creative animation increase significantly the efficiency of advertising campaigns. Designers have appreciated the new options offered by EMBOX technology: creative flash-ideas used in banner Internet advertising receive now a new platform.

Managing director of ARTIUM, Andrew Vlasov, claims that the combination of already existing technologies in the new device offers prospects of a break-through in the point of sale advertising media. “Taking into account the availability of affordable high-quality LCD-monitors, fast development of cellular communications and wireless Internet technologies EMBOX is in line with the state of the industry, we just formulated the necessary standards, optimal formats and the business model for it. Our company has a unique chance to open a new business field, create the basis for new technologies and innovations in this sphere.

ARTIUM is going to implement an active sales policy not only in Moscow but also in other regions of Russia and abroad. In 2006-2007 ARTIUM is planning to allocate several thousands of its devices in huge trading chains and also in small P.O.S.

Indoor digital signage segment lacks such kind of technology and so, its appearance is natural and we consider that on the first stage of EMBOX network development its growth will be restrained only by the EMBOX production limits.

Russian and foreign most famous alcohol, tobacco and foods brands, as well as supermarket chains and prime cellular operators expressed their great interest in the EMBOX technology development.”

ARTIUM marketing specialists consider that in the immediate future EMBOX advertising carriers will cover a wide market from huge supermarket chains to small vending kiosks.

Public transport is another perspective niche for EMBOX installation. In addition to advertising EMBOX technology may perform the functions of such systems as GPS, video monitoring, station announcement etc. The range of possible functions is expected to grow with the development of wireless Internet technologies WiMax.

EMBOX technology promises to be highly profitable for supermarket chains and stores owners: individual control of each device enables stores to organize local promo- and BTL campaigns and transmit holiday felicitations for customers.

ARTIUM regards small businesses as important group of clients, especially in services and catering industries, for they are interested in local and low-cost advertising campaigns. Before now only cable TV and local press means were at there disposal. EMBOX technology creates the platform for a new communication level for this group of clients.

Wide and rapid-growing EMBOX network controlled from a single Control Centre will become a new strategic solution on the advertising market along with traditional TV and Outdoor.

More information about the project is available on their corporate websites:

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