From Vice To Rice

After 25 years of police service, Officer has his sights set on spreading the latest desserts.

Newark, NJ, July 05, 2006 --( Is This Retirement? Moving from Vice To Rice? After 25 years helping stamp out vice as a Denville, NJ police officer, Ken McEvoy has his sights set on spreading the latest dessert delight–rice pudding.

After a year of research, Ken, his wife Linda, and several associates opened their first Miami Rice Pudding station in the Livingston Mall serving 20 flavors of rice pudding. With retirement coming in less than a year, Ken and Linda began researching how they could earn a living after that fateful day.

“I’ve always enjoyed helping others,” Ken explained recently, “so we started focusing on something that would be good or useful to the general public. We quickly came to rice pudding–a family favorite. Our Rice Pudding is a great choice for health conscious Americans–it’s low in calories, contains no glutens, is low in cholesterol, has no preservatives and its Kosher! Naturally, we recognized that variety would be important if we were to build a successful business around pudding. After much experimentation, we’ve developed over 20 flavors–from coconut to lemon, rocky road to maple to strawberry, to apricot and most every fruit or berry.”

The puddings are served in cups or cones and those who like to experiment can choose from over a dozen toppings similar to those found in an ice cream store. Moms love it for their kids since its so much healthier than most treats–and it doesn’t melt like ice cream.

“When it came to naming the company, many were considered but only one survived,” according to Ken. “My wife, Linn, who’s always quick with a pun, came up with “Miami Rice Pudding Company.” This works on several levels–naturally it plays on my career as a policeman; it seems a little exotic; and it acknowledges the many ethnic groups that are found in Miami–all of whom regularly serve rice pudding at big family gatherings. Many of our customers say our desserts rival their Grandmothers’ Rice Pudding!”

While hoping that the Miami Rice Pudding station would be a hit with the public when it opened this Spring in Livingston Mall, the founders have been overwhelmed with the enthusiastic reception from consumers, mall managers and entrepreneurs clamoring for a station of their own.

“We’ve engaged The Franchise Doctor as consultants for expanding in many markets. Our documentation should be complete in July and we anticipate having several additional locations operating by year end.”

In the meantime, “Mr. Rice Guy,” the store’s mascot, can be seen circulating through Livingston Mall with a helper who’s passing out taste samplings of the company’s great desserts.

For information on the Miami Rice Pudding franchise, visit or call Jim Deitz at 800 220-8256

Miami Rice Pudding Co
Ken McEvoy