Capital Pacific Sales and Transaction Volume 40% Above Industry Average in 2008, Beating the Odds in a Challenging Market: Ranked as Top Broker by Real Capital Analytics

San Francisco, CA, February 22, 2009 --( Capital Pacific, a leading commercial investment brokerage firm, outperformed the commercial real estate industry by 40% in 2008, in terms of both sales volume and number of transactions.

Based on these results, Real Capital Analytics, a global research and consulting firm focused exclusively on the investment market for commercial real estate, has listed Capital Pacific as one of its “Top Brokers for 2008” in its annual national ranking. Capital Pacific has just 13 sales agents, and was ranked against brokerage firms with as many as 1,000+ agents.

“It’s exciting to see a relatively small company achieve these results, especially in a difficult market,” said Matt Immerfall of Orlando-based Servant Investments: “I think Capital Pacific is succeeding not in spite of its size, but because if it. The company is agile enough to anticipate where the market is going, rather than having to playing catch-up. This forward-looking business model allowed Capital Pacific to set accurate pricing as soon as the market shifted, creating much-needed liquidity for their clients.”

Kevin Adatto of Capital Pacific’s Portland office attributes the company’s momentum to their market niche: “For the past 10 years, Capital Pacific has been focused on commercial property in the $1-40 million dollar range, and financing in this arena has been much easier than for larger deals. We are also selective about the properties we list. Our goal is to list quality assets and price them to receive attention from the market.”

Chris Kostanecki, founding partner of Capital Pacific’s San Francisco office, also credits the company’s results to a strategy of exporting California capital to markets across the US. “Even in a difficult market, we’re still helping buyers fulfill 1031 trade requirements. California investors are now taking a closer look at the intrinsics of the real estate. But they still seek higher yields in markets all over the country.”

Looking forward, Capital Pacific projects that 2009 is going to look a lot like 2002:

• There will be continued demand from 1031 buyers and private investors as well as private single tenant funds, but quality, location and credit will take precedence
• Industry sales volume will be approximately 40% of what it was at the 2006-2007 peak
• In the single tenant sector, Buyers and Lenders are going to look more closely at location, credit, unit level economics and location, representing a “back to fundamentals” approach to real estate
• Secondary markets and franchisee deals will also be very difficult to finance. We feel this product type will see the biggest movement in cap rates, moving up dramatically.
• Buyers will focus on Core Plus real estate
• Smart investors will take advantage of ’09 opportunities rather than waiting till the market heats up in ‘10


About Capital Pacific
Capital Pacific is an investment brokerage firm with offices in San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR. Established by top brokers from national brokerage companies, Capital Pacific embodies a new collaborative brokerage model with a nationwide focus on open-air retail property sales. In 2008 the company completed over $436 million in property sales. For more information, visit
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