New Powerhouse® AN Adjustable Wrenches Debut

New pair of adjustable wrenches fits any AN fitting from #3 through #20. Made from top quality aluminum for strength and versatility. Light weight to comfortably fit in your pocket. Reasonably priced, making it affordable for any home or professional mechanic.

Memphis, TN, July 06, 2006 --( Face it. You already have too many wrenches. That drawer full of AN wrenches may be handy for some shop projects, but for the professional mechanic with on-site needs, a handful of  wrenches is more than you need. 

Powerhouse® Products is ready to deliver with a pair of adjustable wrenches that fit any AN fitting from #3 through #20. Best of all, these adjustable wrenches are made in America from top quality aluminum and fit in your pocket for those last minute starting line checks or when having your rollaway tool box by your side just isn’t possible. The unique adjustability of the Powerhouse® AN Adjustable Wrench makes it the perfect tool for the pro or enthusiast mechanic. Reasonably priced, one wrench handles AN fittings from #3 through #8. A second wrench covers AN fittings from #10 through #20. 

For more information about the Powerhouse® Products AN Adjustable Wrench or any other Powerhouse® product, call them at 1-800-872-7223, or visit them online at

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Tammy Holland