Watkins Welcomes New Company Associate in North Haverhill

The Summit Group, of Washington, Missouri, an organization of independent business people associated with Watkins Products, is proud to announce the addition of Deborah Walker of North Haverhill, NH, to its growing group of associates.

North Haverhill, NH, February 25, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Steve Bretzke, leader of the Washington, Missouri-based Summit Group, which offers a full range of business tools and support for their group, said "We look for good, honest, family-oriented people to represent Watkins and we are excited to have Deborah join us. Our goal is to continue to locate qualified associates who can help us reintroduce Watkins products and the Watkins home-business opportunity to northern New England. Deborah will be a great addition to our expansion team."

Deborah Walker says she is very impressed with the quality of Watkins' products. "It's no wonder Watkins has been around for over 140 years. Everything from their spices and extracts, to their natural cleaning products is terrific! I won't recommend any product to any customer unless I am totally comfortable using it in my own home."

Mrs. Walker says she is more than happy to provide samples and a catalog to anyone interested in buying Watkins. Or, if people want to look online, she has a website with all the Watkins products at WatkinsProductsNewEngland.com. She also runs a website with discounts on select items, available only to her customers, at FullerBrushWatkinsDeals.com.

Deborah Walker Associates ~ Watkins
Deborah Walker