Michael Torchia Introduces "Shape Up America Fitness Show" a Radio Program Focusing on Solving the Epidemic of Obesity in America

"Shape Up America Fitness Show" will provide listeners with fitness tips and advice but will also go after the healthcare, medical, fitness and even the video game industry. Although controversial in nature, Torchia will leave no stone unturned so that he can provide his listeners with a well rounded show that is sure to entertain and educate.

Los Angeles, CA, February 25, 2009 --(PR.com)-- KCAA welcomes Mike as the host of its new fitness show, “Shape Up America Fitness Show.” There are all kinds of Crazy Diets around. Yesterday it was No Fat, Today it is No Carbs and tomorrow it will be something new. This show raises awareness as to the importance of health and fitness and at the same time, inspires, motivates, and informs the audience so they can make the right food choices and select the type of workout that works best for them. Listeners will learn the fitness secrets of the stars from the top expert in the Health and Fitness industry.

Michael Torchia takes off the gloves and personally goes after the healthcare, medical, fitness and even the video game industry. He will attack the organizations which allow companies to sell food products containing toxic ingredients that can endanger the health of our nation. He will demonstrate how corporations with pure money-making mind sets pray on desperate Americans through slick advertising campaigns, and false promises. Not only will he go after these health field individuals, he will also go after video game giants misrepresenting their entertainment products as fitness tools.

Torchia will provide a lucid, engaging critique of obesity research and a shrewd analysis of the socioeconomic and cultural forces behind it. The result will be a compelling challenge to the conventional wisdom about our bulging waistlines. The show will combat the traditional ideas and beliefs with the shocking truths. It will maintain a probing, and entertaining tone while aggressively providing the information Americans need. Anyone who holds strong opinions - professional or personal - about American’s obesity epidemic must listen to this show to find the truth.

A Talk show format includes celebrity guests, heath care professionals, government policy makers, infamous enemies of the wellness industry intertwined with call-in listeners. Mike moderates the calls and asks the tough questions.

Michael Torchia has trained some of Hollywood's most elite celebrities, but his true passion is in helping kids. Michael has spent over 20 years of his life educating and teaching kids about fitness. Having suffered as an obese child himself, with incredible drive and determination he overcame his eating disorder and went on to become Teenage Mr. America, Mr. Collegiate USA, and Mr. California. Torchia has since created such programs as Operation Fitness and The Children's Fitness Academy in order to help elevate the epidemic of obesity starting at the root of the problem…our children.

"Shape Up America Fitness Show" starts March 2, 2009 on Mondays, 4pm PST/ 7pm EST on 1050 AM. Listen to PodCasts of this exciting show at www.kcaaradio.com.

Michael Torchia
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