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Crosswind Represents First Step for Author

Laurinburg, NC, February 25, 2009 --( Writing is a process and for Alan Bunn Memorial Chapbook winner Lisa Garber the publication of Crosswind is a baby-step in the direction of sharing a larger story.

“Crosswind is a fictional piece with a fervent desire at its heart to spread the truth,” said the senior creative writing major. “Crosswind is my first of many attempts to make sure that history is remembered as it happened, not how the victors write it.”

The manuscript was selected for the Alan Bunn Memorial Chapbook Award by judges Beth Copeland and John Lawson.

“Not a word is wasted, not a single breath, as she ‘translates’ between the living and the dead, speaking for those whose letters are lost and whose stories have not been told,” Copeland wrote.

Winning this competition came as a great surprise to Garber, who has been writing as long as she can remember.

“I was speechless,” said Garber. “I never thought in a million years that I had a chance.”

The poets she competed against, along with her St. Andrews professors, have encouraged her to try the genre, but her heart remains “set on fiction.”

“My father, a former Marine, now works for the government and works often with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces,” Garber said.

“Crosswind is loosely based on my father’s friend’s life, although his personality is my own creation,” she said. “I interviewed him before writing this short story and have since then promised him and other survivors whom I’ve met and interviewed that I would write a book in their memory and honor. That’s literally another story. This is a baby step toward that goal.”

Garber’s family still lives in Japan and Crosswind also shares a perspective very close to her heart.

Her parents were also instrumental in shaping her love of writing. “My father would read a lot of classic Western literature to me before bed until an embarrassing age,” Garber said. “If he was late from work, my mother would read me Japanese folk tales. I’ve always enjoyed stories of all kinds and don’t really remember a time when I wasn’t writing one.”

Her writing will continue with further exploration of the theme of Crosswind.

“I promised my new friends in Nagoya, Japan, at a reunion of Kamikaze pilots and suicide submariners that I would convey a certain point to the American audience,” Garber said. “They’re worried over some comments made recently by American scholars that compare the suicide squadrons of Japan with fanatic terrorists of the 21st Century, namely those who brought down the twin towers in New York in 2001.

“This is unfair because the suicide squadrons never once targeted civilians. Even Pearl Harbor was a military attack incomparable to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that killed hundreds of thousands of civilians just to make a point to watchful Russia. It is true, however, that the Imperial Japanese government lied to its population so thoroughly and for so long that they believed, among many things, that dying for their country was the only way to go.”

Copies of the book are expected to be available for purchase in mid-April. They can be ordered via email, phone 910-277-5310 or by mail at St. Andrews College Press, 1700 Dogwood Mile, Laurinburg. N.C. 28352.

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