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Creative writer Ugur Akinci shares his plot and script ideas for free.

Washington, DC, July 07, 2006 --( Do you have the writer's block? Do you need any free plot ideas or interesting character suggestions?

Wait no more. Go visit Script Boiler at, a new and unique screenwriting blog owned by creative copywriter Ugur Akinci.

"I usually have some many plot ideas bubbling in my head that I do not have the time to sit down and write all of them," said Akinci. "And the ideas that are not put down on paper are usually lost and forgotten, unfortunately. It's a shame."

As a believer in the "open market" of ideas, Akinci decided to share his screenplay ideas and tips freely and on a daily basis with the global screenwriting community and the movie industry.

What if a screenwriter or a producer grabs one of his plot ideas and turns it into a blockbuster hit?

"More power to them! I'd be very happy to see that," Akinci said. "Our troubled world certainly needs higher quality entertainment with great plots and characters, and I hope I can contribute to that no matter how indirectly."

"And if, by the way, they'd like to hear about the ones that I do not have the time to share on the Internet or would like to read a synopsis of my own scripts that I'm currently working on, I'd be happy to share them as well on a confidential basis," he added with a wink.

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