Appreciate and Acknowledge Women Who Inspired You This International Women's Day with Free Ecards

Choose from over 100 free International Women's Day ecards at 123Greetings and savor your bond with the special women in your life.

New York, NY, February 27, 2009 --( International Women's Day is all about saluting the women who have inspired, encouraged, nurtured and made you the person you are today. 123Greetings has a gallery of over 100 International Women's Day ecards which can help you reach out to the women who made all the difference to you. These ecards can express your feelings in a manner that is soft, soothing and sustaining - perfect for the women who make a difference.

"It's a great gesture to express your appreciation and respect for the women in your life," says Arvind Kajaria, co-founder of 123Greetings, "and an ecard is the best way you can do it to strengthen your bond with the women who inspired you." International Women's Day is the perfect opportunity to express your appreciation and warm wishes. Visit: and tell them you care. It's time we realized that women nurture the next generation, a generation that will face grave problems related to the planet and otherwise. It's time we valued the importance of women in our everyday lives.

If the woman happens to be a family member, you can also use the family ecards at The basic idea is to tell them how much they mean to you, not just on International Women's Day, but throughout the year. It will be a fitting tribute to the gamut of roles that women play in your life: as a mother, wife, daughter, or friend. In the present times, their role is even more prominent with more women blending the divide between home and career. The modern, liberated women you know deserves all the respect that she could possibly get.

The International Women's Day ecards and the family ecards are not only rich in variety, but also in emotion. "Our ecards are perfect for non-profit organizations and teachers to spread awareness," adds Kajaria. An ecard is a cost-efficient way to send across your messages -- they are not just free, they are also environmentally friendly. They are easy to send too. All you have to do is choose an ecard and key in your email address, along with the receiver's. 123Greetings personalizes your card for you. Moreover, with the latest "Quick Send" feature, you can send 100 ecards at one go in the quickest time. Schedule your ecard and get over the worry of missing out on wishing your favorite people.

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