SunPods Inc. and SBM Solar Inc. Form Strategic Alliance to Develop New Transportable Array Systems

San Jose, CA, February 27, 2009 --( SunPods Inc. and SBM Solar Inc., two companies experienced in the photovoltaic industries respectively, announced today a new strategic alliance to develop new impact resistant solar modules for SunPod’s transportable modular photovoltaic arrays for use in high risk environments.

SunPods™ is the leader in transportable, power up on demand plug-&-play solar solutions, eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming onsite array assembly and PV module mounting. SunPods makes project management and execution on commercial and utility scale installations, simpler and faster, lowering labor cost while reducing project completion deadlines from months or weeks to days.

“While traditional crystalline glass solar modules work well for us on many site locations, Sunpods sees the need for a lightweight non-glass PV module to resist high winds and structural impact damage” according to Dan Jaeger, president and co-founder of SunPods Inc. Integrated onto the SunPod’s Power Pods energy platforms, the non-glass SBM Solar crystalline modules will be used on mission critical installations for the military, commercial locations and on public sites, such as ground based solar arrays at schools, projects that cannot afford to have broken glass solar modules.

Taking a different direction from traditional glass crystalline module construction, SBM Solar Inc has developed a new non-glass polymer surfaced polycrystalline PV module built onto an engineered composite panel substrate. According to Dr. Osbert Cheung, PhD., president of SBM Solar Inc. by combining SBM’s top surface polymer film with an engineered metal-polymer-metal composite panel we create a very rigid, lightweight photovoltaic module that resists damage from high winds and impacts from high velocity objects.

Dr. Osbert Cheung said “using our SBM Solar lightweight non-glass solar modules with the SunPod Power Pod modular energy platforms we are creating a solar array solution for hostile and extreme environments where solar power output is critical”.

About SunPods, Inc

SunPods is the developer and manufacturer of SunPod Power Systems™. Shipped from the factory to the project, SunPods are transportable, self-contained, modular solar power platforms. SunPods are ready to power up on delivery. Once delivered onsite and set in place, SunPods only require an electrical hookup from the inverter to the power panel to power up. SunPods™ provide solar electrical power, when you want it, where you want it, right now. For more information, please visit

About SBM Solar, Inc
SBM Solar, Inc. is an innovative photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer dedicated to providing high quality non-glass PV modules for a wide range of applications. Research and innovation are the core strengths of SBM and its products.

These strengths provide the differentiation and competitive edge necessary for success. SBM Solar’s proprietary non-glass technology and lamination process enables it to deliver one of the most lightweight, customizable and cost-effective mono/multi crystalline silicon PV modules in the industry. For more information, please visit

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