Enzymatic Therapy, Inc Introduces New Artery Advantage Supplement to Give Arteries a Fighting Chance

Keeping arteries healthy is vital and Enzymatic Therapy’s Artery Advantage™ helps get to the heart of the matter, safely and naturally.†

Green Bay, WI, March 03, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Think of the arteries as series of lifelines. The aorta, the heart’s main artery, pumps fresh blood to all the other smaller arteries in the body. This is how the body distributes oxygen and nutrients from the blood, so it’s very important for heart health to keep the arteries functioning at their best.

Eating a low-fat, low sugar diet and finding ways to exercise and manage stress are key to a heart healthy lifestyle. “Be empowered to ask your Doctor for information about yourself and seek out appropriate therapy,” advises Dr. Dennis Goodman, former Chief of Cardiology at Scripps Memorial Hospital and member of the Enzymatic Therapy Scientific Advisory Board.” He also recommends annual screenings for cardiovascular health.

“You should discuss options with your doctor, including natural approaches like proper diet and exercise.” Goodman advised, “Natural therapies and quality supplements are best whenever possible – like Enzymatic Therapy’s Artery Advantage circulatory support.†” He commented on the formula’s unique ingredient profile, including vitamin K2 that several scientific studies have shown transfers calcium out of the blood stream and into the bones, where it can be used for health advantage.† “In fact,” he added, “A recent clinical study found that high vitamin K2 intake can offer significant support for heart health.†”

In addition to vitamin K2, the clinically studied ingredients in Artery Advantage include pomegranate, that dramatically improves factors for a healthy heart and arteries, and a uniquely protected fresh garlic extract that promotes healthy arteries and blood flow.† Artery Advantage is part of the Heart Matters™ line for cardiovascular support.† For more information go to www.enzymatictherapy.com.

Enzymatic Therapy, Inc.
Kelsey Konrad