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New York, NY, February 28, 2009 --( Based on thirty years experience as a Harvard-educated brain surgeon, Dr. Hamilton’s book, The Scalpel and the Soul tells the unspoken stories behind remarkable patients and strange events, and shares the moral and spiritual lessons found in them. Doctors are trained to disregard the inexplicable and the unbelievable. They push aside the powers of the soul, and the healing forces of belief. In this book, Dr. Hamilton shares a rare glimpse of how the spiritual and the supernatural manifest themselves even in the high-tech world of 21st century intensive care units or operating rooms.

Sound Author’s host Dr. Kent Gustavson had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Hamilton on the February 20th, 2009 show. This podcast and all archived podcasts can be searched from the Sound Authors website at

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Tune in next week, February 27th, 2009 to hear author Bob Cesca speak about his latest book, ‘One Nation Under Fear’. In post-9/11 America, authoritarians and politicians are happily leaning on the panic button for fun, profit, and the ongoing oppression of a frightened populace. This timely book examines that fear: where it came from, how it's promoted, and what can be done about it. Bob Cesca hits a bracingly wide range of targets — the right-wing noise machine, climate change deniers, creeping fascism from the Bush White House — before presenting a sober, sensible plan for fighting and overcoming this potentially irreversible trend.

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