Clear Mountain Solar Hires Trillium Digital Internet Design & Strategy to Build Its New Website

Clear Mountain Solar in Claremont, NH has hired Trillium Digital Internet Design & Strategy to promote its renewable energy and sustainable living products on the Web.

Weathersfield, VT, February 28, 2009 --( Clear Mountain Solar in Claremont has hired Trillium Digital Internet Design & Strategy to promote its renewable energy and sustainable living products on the Web. The sudden improvement in incentives for homeowners and businesses spurred Clear Mountain owners Mitch Sidd and Scott Hitchcock to enlist Trillium's expertise to build the company a cutting-edge website and help them spread the word about tremendous new financial opportunities to "go solar."

The meteoric growth in the renewable energy industry--and green businesses in general--have left Clear Mountain's owners little time to focus on the all-important web-based marketing and sales necessary to keep its customers abreast of the ever-changing federal and state tax incentives and rebates that make renewable energy more affordable than ever. Clear Mountain Solar sells solar panels to create electricity; solar hot water systems for radiant heating and household hot water; Energy Star and other high-efficiency household appliances; wood, pellet and bio-fuel stoves; and other items to help homeowners in the Upper Valley and Lakes regions achieve energy independence.

Co-owners Mitch Sidd and Scott Hitchcock say their residential-sized wind turbines, micro-hydro electric, and photovoltaic (solar) energy systems are intended to give homeowners freedom from high energy bills, as well as greater energy security in winter when storms knock out power for hours or even days on end. Sidd and Hitchcock install high-end systems for large homes and businesses, but their focus is on mainstream homeowners in the Lakes Region and Upper Valley with little or no experience in renewable energy.

Trillium Digital is a Vermont-based web services firm formed to serve "green clients" such as Clear Mountain Solar and plans to focus on companies with a commitment to social responsibility or promoting lifestyles of health and sustainability, say Trillium partners Melissa Snyder and Reid Greenberg. Trillium partner Stephen Snyder has years of experience in strategic experience in the renewable energy field, most recently as communications director for USA Solar Stores LLC. Snyder is also the co-author of two books on renewable energy, New Green Home Solutions (2008) and The New Solar Home, to be released in the fall.

Clear Mountain Solar Store is located at 197 Washington, Claremont, New Hampshire. For more information call (603.543.9900) or email

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