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Washington, DC, July 08, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Creative copywriter and screenwriter Ugur Akinci has posted 3 new movie plot ideas at his unique blog Script Boiler.

All plots are free for the taking and offered as a public service to the writing community and movie industry.

Akinci posts new plots on a daily basis and encourages his readers to subscribe to have the new postings automatically mailed each day to the subscriber mail boxes.

Summaries of the 3 new plots are as follows:

- Name That Crime

A direct mail copywriter named Clyde meets a fashion designer named Bonnie. The coincidence tickles them pink and right away they hit off well and start to have a great romantic affair until they meet another guy at an office party named "Major Killer." They first think it's a joke but it is true. His name turns out to be really that… (visit http://scriptboiler.blogspot.com for the rest of it)

- From Beyond the Grave

A homeless man secretly builds a one-room place to stay under an ornate grave at the cemetery. That's his ticket to survival. Yet when he hears a female voice talking to the dead man and shouting and cursing at his spirit, he replies the woman just to make her leave so that he can get some sleep. Thinking that her dead husband is talking to her from beyond the grave, the shocked woman begs for mercy and directions… (visit http://scriptboiler.blogspot.com for the rest of it)

- Lottery Bulls

Manuel, a janitor from Mexico working at a ballpark wins the Multi-State Lottery -- $375 Million dolars! He brings over all his family, wife, 5 kids and in laws. They buy a 20 acre mansion at the Hamptons. And then Manuel builds a bull fight ring in his backyard and opens a school for the future Matadors of America… (visit http://scriptboiler.blogspot.com for the rest of it)

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