USA SEO Pros Announces Employee Environmental Awareness Plan

Las Vegas, NV, February 28, 2009 --( USA SEO Pros, a leading search engine optimization company based in Las Vegas, announced today it is creating an environmental awareness plan for its employees.

Steve Howe, the operations manager at USASEOPros, said the goal of the awareness plan is to help employees make environmentally-conscious decisions in the work place and in their private lives.

“We have been making improvements to our office and making environmentally sound choices here,” Howe said. “Now we want to help our employees take some of this stuff home.”

The Las Vegas area has been suffering from a multi-year drought, and the drop on the level of Lake Mead has forced environmental awareness to the forefront of the metropolitan area.

USA SEO Pros employees took time out of their work day to learn about recycling and other sustainable practices.

“I got some great ideas for how I can help the environment from home,” Jeff Hamersly, a technician with USA SEO Pros said. “It’s nice to work for a company that cares and that takes the time to teach.”

The Southern Nevada internet advertising company has been making efforts to “green” up its office operation.

USA SEO Pros recently upgraded some of their office equipment to Energy Star rated products, and replaced their lighting with low mercury, compact fluorescent bulbs.

“Thanks to this environmental plan, I now know more about my local recycling choices, Hamersly said. “I’m going to recycle my old cell phones and invest in a water-saving shower head.”

While water usage has been the hot topic in Las Vegas, overall environmental concerns have long been a discussion in the Valley.

Home builders have been making a push for increased environmental design, and other area businesses have made individual environmental goals.

“This is just going to make our operation more efficient,” Howe said. “If there is anything we can do to make our production better for our clients, we’re going to do it.”


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Steve Howe