ActionCOACH Will Fulton Bags Double Honors at the 2009 Asia Pacific Conference

Will Fulton received accolades for winning the Coaches Choice "ActionCOACH" award as well as the Coaches Choice "AbundanceCOACH" award at the recent Regional Conference held Down Under.

Gold Coast, Australia, February 28, 2009 --( New Zealand Business Coach Will Fulton received double honors by winning the coveted Coaches Choice "ActionCOACH" award as well as the Coaches Choice "AbundanceCOACH award at the recently held 2009 Asia Pacific Conference, hosted by the world's leader in business and executive coaching - ActionCOACH.

This six-day event was held at the Gold Coast International Hotel in Queensland, Australia and many Business Coaches were awarded for their work during the company's annual Awards Dinner.

"Will is a great asset to our business coaching team and is doing some great work in New Zealand," ActionCOACH founder and CEO Brad Sugars said. "He brings in abundance and that is one of our Points of Culture - it is an honor to present these two awards to him."

Fulton was honored by the recognition.

"The award recognizes contribution to a common cause - I believe businesses that are passionate about what they do will still want to contribute to providing solutions to their customers’ ‘common cause’ - and no matter how the economy is doing, there is still a job to do," he said.

Fulton believes many businesses are not being given the right advice and are often unaware of the systems that are required to maximize profit, and he plans to create this awareness in 2009.

"My expansion plans are centered on delivering this message to every local business. To this end I have added new talent to my team who will help me achieve this objective," he said.

Fulton believes business owners understand the risks of running a business compared to the safety of having a job - with the assumption that the rewards will always outweigh the risks.

"Every stage of the economic cycle has historically proven that some will win while others will lose. Therefore the qualities of both innovation and grit will determine success or failure for business owners. In order to thrive they will have to find the way out of this economic mess," he said.

"As Business Coaches, our role is to make sure they find a way - and there is always a way to win."

The finalists for the Coaches Choice "ActionCOACH" award included Bruce Campbell, Cameron Rogers, Jamie Barclay, Jeremy Hutchings, Mark Daniels, Steven Kay, Tom McIfle and Tim Smith.

Fulton won the Coaches Choice "AbundanceCOACH" award from amongst finalists, including, Andrew Roberts, Bruce Wilson, Faye Kropp, Katherine Doe, Simon Harris, and Terri Bellington.

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