MBody Strength Launches New Kettlebell Product: The KettleBox™

Fullerton, CA, February 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- MBody Strength has launched their first product, the KettleBox™, a heavy box specifically created for transporting kettlebells in cars. According to KettleBox™ inventor Marcus Martinez, the kettlebell product was created after several loose kettlebells rolled around his car trunk, breaking one of his speakers.

“The KettleBox™ addresses a need I’ve had since I started driving around with my kettlebells to host boot camps, workshops, and personal training sessions,” stated Marcus Martinez, MBody Strength’s founder and member. “I think that anyone who likes to take their kettlebells to new workout locations like the park or beach will find it very useful.”

The KettleBox™ has heavy, durable components, featuring wood and steel construction, reinforced joints, and steel plated, rubber-grip handles. The product also features small rubber feet that help prevent slippage and protect the surfaces the box is placed on.

The KettleBox™ comes in three sizes, small, for kettlebells around the 18lb range or smaller, medium, for kettlebells around the 35lb range or smaller, and large, for kettlebells around the 53lb range and smaller. Each box has two compartments to store kettlebells.

The company promises that the KettleBox™ will prevent kettlebells from rolling around in your car or truck, damaging the interior of your car while also posing safety concerns for passengers.

“At MBody Strength, we try to clearly identify the needs of kettlebell trainers and trainees and come up with helpful solutions,” said Marcus Martinez. “The KettleBox™ is the first product we’ve created to do just that.”

MBody Strength LLC
Marcus Martinez